Billy Fairhall

Posted on November 08 2019

Saffy Buzz newest team rider to join the fam. Buzz is about as pretty much sums a lifestyle that pretty fucken sought after, a chilled nature, loves and beer, with little time for the wettie to dry inbetween waves. Had a good old yarn to welcome him the wombys
Its been a pretty skitz journey to get back to competition level now after heaps of training and life throwing a few 'up yours' at you, talk us through it.
Super skits mate! Ha ha, the past few years since I last competed have been filled with ups and downs. Had a pretty hectic back injury that left me out the water for a few months and getting caught up in the party life in Cape Town can be pretty gnarly too. Earlier this year I had a few big life lessons after ‘blowing the gun’ as you could say which made me reflect deeply.. I now know who I am a lot more and what I want to manifest in my life. 
How old were when you started surfing?
Got pushed onto my first waves when I was 4 but caught the fever at age 9.
Wheres your focus right now, if you could do one would it be free surfing or comps?
I’d choose free surfing but I still have a lot I want to prove to myself in a contest vest… My focus right now is to just try stay in as much rhythm as I can into the new year, finding a healthy feeding program, and make as much cash as I can in the next few months so I can travel next year to a few overseas contests on my bucket list.
Whats the grand plans, 5? 10? 30 years
I’m giving myself 4 years to compete so thats the plan. After that I want to be surfing for the love of it, maybe jump on some alternative weird disco sticks, ha ha. I really enjoy all aspects of the game. Could see myself trying out the big wave scene or zen out on longboard over the weekends. As I get older though, I really want to stay in and help surfing communities look after our waves and culture. In 30 years time ill be in a line up somewhere, for sure! Hopefully in some wombat board shorts flashing my ass cheeks

how would you describe your style, is there an aspect of your surfing you are most proud of, ya weapon of choice?

I’d like to say my style has an ‘in your face’ aspect to it, otherwise thats what I’m trying to gain more of but I was brought on point breaks where timing and patience is very important so I’d like to say those are my strong points. Recently Ive been given a good deal from my good friend who owns destroyer surfboards, he’s got some really fun models and he’s a good mate of mine too, my last board is a 5'7 grovel beast but got lots of board meetings ahead of 2020! 
all over wheres the best break you have surfed?
E-lands on the West Coast of South Africa.

and dream place to surf, explore for waves?

Really want to explore West Africa, Ive got my sights on Angola. Mozambique is pretty dreamy too…
What are the top artist flipping through music right now, do you use any of these to amp you up before a comp.
Yes bra!! Got a pre-surf playlist filled with cocky hiphop musicians! Some local old school rock bands like Fuzigish and The Plastics go down well too can never go wrong with the old legends, Eminem, 50cent, RHCP, Jack Johnson, alt-J the list goes long! 
Training like a mad man where do you wanna be this time next year?
This time next year I wanna possibly be in Europe doing Qs1000s and 3000s hopefully under the 300 mark on the rankings. Thats the plan.

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